"Brahmachari Girish Ji Honoured at Dharma Sanskriti Mahakumbha 2016"
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About Maharishi Ved Vigyan Prakashan

Maharishi Ved Vigyan Prakashan is estabilised to publish and distribute books, literature, audio and video material on various aspects of Vedas, Vedic Science, different areas of life people need to have knowledge for their happy, healthy, comfortable, successful, peaceful, enlightened, invincible and heavenly life.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji has left Himalayas and extensively travelled across the world for over 50 years to bring peace, prosperity, happiness, perfect health, perfection in every area of life and to establish heavenly life on earth. Maharishi Ji has gone very deep in principles of Veda and Vedic Literature, identified and brought to light practical Vedic technologies for immense benefits of mankind for all time to come.

Over 25000 hours of audio and video recordings of Maharishi Ji, full of knowledge and practical programmes for humanity are available as largest treasury of knowledge for life. One of the greatest contribution and gift of Maharishi Ji to the humanity is "Transcendental Meditation", a simple, natural and effortless technique of Meditation, which is now widely practiced by over 7 mn people around the world. TM-Siddhi Programme, Advance Techniques and Yogic Flying are some of other techniques gifted to the humanity.

Maharishi Ji has put huge emphasis on Vedic approach to education, health, agriculture, defence, rehabilitation, administration, arts, culture, Religion, architecture, Government, law and order, science and technology, business and commerce, social welfare, rural development, youth and women welfare.

Maharishi Ji has written numerous books introducing the applications of his Vedic Science to the various fields of human endeavor. Many other writers and experts have also written books in different languages and in different countries. Some how Maharishi's literature is not available in large quantity in Hindi and other Indian languages.

Maharishi Ved Vigyan Prakashan has taken responsibility to publish books and literature of Maharishi's knowledge in Hindi and other major Indian languages.

Other than books and literature, Maharishi Vedic Arts and Crafts Promotion Pvt. Ltd. has launched number of audio CDs and DVDs of Vedic chanting, stotras and Maharishi Ji’s discourses.


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